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  • Automatic Transmission

    We at TOP GEARS not only rebuild your original transmission, but we find out the reason that your transmission failed and take the time to repair the problem from the original failure as well.

  • Manual Transmission

    Usually once you are experiencing performance problems with your vehicle the damage to your internal transmission parts has already been done and servicing it will not repair the problem.

About Top Gears

We would like to introduce to you "TOP GEARS OF NAPLES" servicing Southwest Florida with top quality TRANSMISSION repair and service. We understand that you have made a considerabley large investment in your automobile. Since an informed customer makes a better customer, we are writing this in an effort to help you better understand what TRANSMISSION repair and service is all about.

Since we opened our doors, we have been asked many times why transmission repair and service is so expensive. First of all your transmission has many moving parts that makes your automobile move forward, backwards and get you up to the speed that you desire. These moving parts all require proper fluid pressures to keep from wearing, but just like everything else that is constantly moving tends to wear out eventually.

Some people have the misconception that just by performing a fluid and filter change on your transmission this will in fact repair a transmission after they are experiencing performance issues. Usually once you are experiencing performance problems the damage to your internal parts has already been done and servicing it will not repair this problem. In most automobiles servicing the transmission is part of the maintenance and should be done at your manufactures recommended intervals.

There are several reasons that we at TOP GEARS are better than our competitors. Our technicians are the best around. Not only are they ASE certified but they also hold a masters degree in the automotive field from Europe. We not only rebuild your original transmission, but we find out the reason that your transmission failed.

Like we mentioned before, your transmission relies on proper fluid pleasure and all the moving parts being in good condition. These parts could fail due to lack of maintenance or the moving parts actually wearing out. We at TOP GEARS will actually take the time to repair the problem from the original failure not just simply rebuilding your transmission. We use all factory replacement parts and give you a 1 1/2 YEAR UNLIMITED MILE WARRANTY.


We pride ourselves in offering the best transmission repair and European auto repair in Bonita Springs, Marco Island, Golden Gate, and the greater Naples area. We have BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Range Rover, Porsche, and Jaguar specialists ready and waiting to work on your luxury import car.

Here at Top Gears of Naples, we have two specialties:
1. German and other European auto repair.
2. Transmission overhaul and repair.

We have specialized in two specific fields to give you and your car the best possible service and care. We have a master tech from Europe on hand along with a number of ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified techs to identify and repair any possible problems your car might be experiencing. Our transmission repair department has been building and repairing transmissions since 1989. When it comes to transmissions, there is nothing they haven't seen or fixed.

Let Top Gears of Naples handle all of your Bonita Springs and Marco Island transmission and European auto repair needs.

Transmission Repair in Naples, Bonita Springs, Marco Island, & Golden Gate
Whether you are driving a 1995 Kia or a 2013 Range Rover, here at Top Gears of Naples, Florida we have transmission specialists on hand to repair, rebuild, or overhaul your transmission. Our experienced mechanics can pinpoint the source of your trouble and recommend the best and most affordable way of fixing your transmission. Because of our convenient location, Top Gears of Naples is also the best choice for all of your Marco Island and Bonita Springs transmission repairs needs.

European Auto Repair in Naples
European and German car care specialists are hard to find. We have a number of Mercedes, Porsche, BMW, and Jaguar certified technicians on location to ensure that you and your car are getting the quality service and repairs you deserve. Unlike other locations we won't break the bank or charge exorbitant rates for your European auto repairs. Our goal is to offer quality, certified German and other imported car repair services in the Naples area at an affordable rate.

Performance Enhancement
European luxury cars are built readymade for aftermarket performance enhancers. We offer a variety of performance enhancements options for you imported vehicle. Turbochargers, boosters, performance chips, and air mass meters can all make a world of difference in your foreign car performance. At Top Gears of Naples, we can recommend the best performance enhancer for your specific needs.

Here at Top Gears we handle every car is if it were our own!

Top Gears Independent Shop
  • Complimentary Loaner Cars by Appointment

  • Complimentary Shuttle Service

  • Complimentary Hand Car Wash

  • 12 Mo/18,000 Mi Warranty on Most Services

  • Employs European Certified Technicians

  • Uses Manufacturer Certified Equipment

  • Free Towing with Major Repairs

  • Only OEM Parts

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